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Wycliffe Benin is a Christian non-governmental organization founded in 2003 and registered under the number 2004/0044/DEP-ATL-LITT/SG/SAG –Assoc du 11/02/04.
Wycliffe Benin was founded as a missionary organization on April 26, 2003 by the General Assembly held by representatives of a number of churches and missions working in Benin at the headquarters of Groupe Biblique des Elèves et Etudiants du Bénin.
As a member of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, Wycliffe Benin currently sponsors nine (9) missionaries from a variety of Evangelical backgrounds, who are working both in the field and in administrative positions.
Wycliffe Benin is a non-profit organization working for the salvation and development of all people through the recruitment of missionaries, development of indigenous languages, and social action.

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