July - September

Computer Training Seminar in 8 Zones of Benin

Today, computers have become virtually essential to function in everyday life, and those who do not know how to use computers are in some ways worse off than those who are illiterate. In light of this, between July 26 and September 19 2014, Wycliffe Benin began offering seminars to train members of various churches in basic computer literacy. The Bible says in Hosea 4:6, “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” To solve this problem and help Christians become competent in use of new technology, missionaries from Wycliffe Benin went out each week in 8 different zones to administer practical training in technology. This training seminar was held from Monday to Friday for a total of forty (40) hours each week. Material covered by the seminar included:

  • The basics of computer use
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft Office Access 2007
  • Internet use

At the end of each week of training, the participants were satisfied and hoped for more training to be made available for those that did not have the opportunity to attend the original session.


The Makers of the “Jesus the Messiah” Comic Take a Tour in Northern Benin

The goal of this tour is to see how this comic, translated in thirteen (13) regional languages of Benin, has proven helpful for those that use it. We are benefitting from this opportunity to hear from our supporters, listen to testimonies, to raise awareness, and to encourage and equip our supporters to persevere in order to turn more hearts towards the Jesus.
Apolinaire from the Catholic Church of Toucountouna
We don’t know how you managed to begin this study. It has allowed many people who didn’t know a lot about the life of Jesus to better understand God’s Word. The way this training was conducted was very helpful to us in teaching those of all ages to understand the Word of God in their own language. Today, thanks to this comic book, if you ask an illiterate woman to talk about Jesus, she can accurately describe the life of Jesus. Before, people had trouble understanding what we were teaching them, but now that you have shown us how to teach using the comic book, our evangelization has evolved. Now, people can correctly understand the teachings, which allows the teaching to reach further. I think that if we were able to use this same style of teaching in the other villages, it would improve our whole lives.
Dieudonné from the Catholic Church of Toucountouna
The Natimba language helped me a lot in reading the “Jesus the Messiah” book, because I didn’t go to a Western school. Thanks to what I’ve learned in this book, I am currently leading a church, and the images in the book are an enormous help in delivering the message. Before, for the catechism, we were given French books, yet I don’t understand French. It is thanks to “Jesus the Messiah” that I can teach the Word of God. I pray that God would help me to teach well and to know him more.